Monday, August 23, 2010

Darned Quilts Registration Beginning

 Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that registration at Quilt University for Dena Crain's Darned Quilts class begin on this Friday.

The class begins on October 1 and runs for five weeks. I have taken a number of classes through Quilt University, including all of Dena's, and really appreciate the flexibility of the format.

I highly recommend Dena's classes. She is an amazing teacher who will really push you to discover new depth in your work. Darned Quilts teaches a unique approach to creating a quilt. What was equally important to me was the instruction and coaching in basic design that came with the course. The handouts are awesome. I have wound up with the equivalent of several books from Dena's handouts.

You can find some illustrations of some of the amazing quilts created in Darned Quilts in Dena's Alumni Gallery. Here are two of mine:

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  1. Love the movement in these quilts. Thanks for the recommendation, Judy!