Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow's Here – How About Snow Dyeing?

Well, I was finally home for a snowfall. The deck outside my office has over a foot of snow on it.

All through our yard, plants, statues, and bird feeders have snow caps.

Last summer's grass looks strikingly beautiful against the white backdrop.

This all reminds me of snow-dyeing. I would love to get to some this winter. Of course, I am heading out of town again in a few days but the winter is still young.

I did a search online and found a few blogs with both methods and ideas. Thought I would list them for everyone else. At least here in the States, the cable news was saying yesterday that only one mainland state has no snow cover - Florida. So, snow seems to be a pretty accessible quantity right now.

Here is what I found:

If you do try some dyeing, please let me know what works and doesn't. And, if you have any other great sources of info.


  1. Interesting. Definitely gives one something to contemplate as one watches the snow fall...and blow...and fall some more. Our current temp is -25C with a wind chill of -36C, so I think I'll wait a bit before going out to fill tubs with the white stuff...

  2. Anxious to try this ever since reading about it in Quilting Arts or somewhere! Thx for the reminder.