Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Want to try something different?

Last  minute news: I am quite delighted as I received notice yesterday that one of my art quilts, Dragonfly, has been accepted into a juried art exhibit at the Lazarus Gallery of United Hebrew of New Rochelle. More to follow on this! 

Now on to my planned post:

The Art of Silliness
I just signed up for an online class and I would like to invite you to join me. Why not? It is called The Art of Silliness and is taught by Carla Sonheim. It is 30 days of ten minute exercises (no, you don't have to get them all done in 30 days, I won't) and begins on May 4.

I figured it is the height of silliness for me to do this - I feel as though I will be traveling more in May than I will be home with my husband - but I did want an incentive to play with improving my drawing skills.

Here is a quick video on the class. I will let you know how it goes!


  1. Hmmmm. Growing up, being spontaneous, being funny...well that was one thing. Being silly, however, was frowned upon; it was considered, I think, a degeneration from clever fun to something rather stupid and witless. As a result, I don't know as I could be silly...Too much like work! LOL!

  2. Ah, Margaret. I guess I am lucky as being silly was never even discussed when I was young. Will let you know how the exercises turn out. For the moment, it makes me smile and that is a good. :)