Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Fun Challenge

In the past week I learned about a fun challenge group that started up in January and plunged in. The challenge is called, Quilt 2012, and is sponsored by Jeanne Simpson.

The challenge particularly agrees with me as Jeanne refers to it as a 'trolley' challenge. You can drop in and out as your schedule demands - for me that is ideal! The way the challenge works, Jeanne posts a theme every Sunday evening and you have until the following Sunday morning to email a jpg of your finished art quilt to Jeanne. She then posts the contributions on the blog.

The quilts must be 12" x 20".  According to Jeanne, "these "sketches" should be experimental in nature, approached intuitively and completed quickly." There are participants from around the world participating and it is quite fun to see the different ways that the theme is interpreted each week. 

Here was my contribution from the past week, which had a theme of "A Bonus of Time."
I hope that you will visit Jeanne's blog and check out the other contributions! And, of course, you are welcome to join in too!

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  1. I'm feeling rather up against it with my current piece, so perhaps will draw inspiration from this challenge (whether or not I actually participate). Thanks for sharing, Judy!

    P.s. Interesting one you've made. The composition draws me in, and I love the colours!