Monday, November 26, 2012

Handy porfolio from Bernina

Earlier in November I took a class at the Bobbin Case in Brighton, NY with owner Linda Fellows. The project was a well designed portfolio designed by Bernina to provide some practice with their Circle Attachment Tool. When Linda showed us the portfolio she had made, I immediately marked my calendar to take her class.

Bernina does provide instructions for assembly but I usually have trouble following their directions. I did find a copy of the instructions that are downloadable on a site (not Bernina's, I have trouble navigating their site too!). You can download a copy from this page if you scroll down to the 'Folio Project.'

I was extremely grateful to make my first portfolio with Linda as she had already problem solved some of the pitfalls and really made it easy to practically complete the project in one class - an amazing accomplishment for me!

Here is my finished portfolio:

I had some hand-dyed fabric from Ricky Tims  that I had purchased at his seminar in Rochester last year. I used that as my base for the front as well as the inside and the binding.

The black velcro isn't exactly attractive, but it was all I had easy access to when I was trying to complete the project.  In retrospect, I could have placed it lower on the design. Since the folio is closed most of the time, it is not a major issue for me.

In reality, it was a fairly simple project and I hope to make a second in the near future. I would highly recommend Linda's classes if you ever happen to have the opportunity.