Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Upcoming Show for PAQA-South

I am delighted that two of my quilts will be on exhibit with the PAQA-South 10th International Juried Exhibit of innovative fine art quilts: ARTQUILTSwater.

Ice Flow by Judy Warner
 ARTQUILTSwater addresses the many literal and metaphorical interpretations of water in quiltart form. The exhibit can be viewed from January 4 – March 24, 2013 at Page-Walker Arts & History Center and Cary Arts Council, both in the downtown area of Cary, North Carolina.
Keeping Perspective by Judy Warner
 Here is the list of exhibiting artists. Congratulations to all!

Roxane Lessa Dolphins Rising
Jeanelle McCall Waterlicious
Joan Rutledge Swirling Leaves
Lois Sprague Living the Good Life #1
Connie Carrington Rushing Stream/Waterfall
Laura Gaskin Creekside Elegance
Laura Gaskin Waiting
Wen Redmond Cormorants Perch
Wen Redmond Lichen on Stone Yellow
Judy Warner Ice Flow
Judy Warner Keeping Perspective
Linda Laird Shall We Gather at the River?
Annette Rogers Downstream
Linda Schmidt Ahhh…Venice
Linda Schmidt May the Force Be With You
Eileen Kane Rhythm
Eileen Kane Not a Care in the World
Andrea Perejda Fracked
Susan Lenz Key West Sea III
Susan Lenz Key West Sea IV
Susan Lenz Key West Sea V
Marie Spadaro Sun, Sand, Sea, Sky
Nanette Zeller Spigot
Diane Wright Desert Rain
Susan Shie Water Signs: King of Pyrex Cups in the Kitchen Tarot
Bonnie Smith Swimming Upstream, aqua
Bonnie Smith Swimming Upstream, green
Bonnie Smith Swimming Upstream, blue
Laura McGrath Wind Driven Rain
Eileen Lauterborn Gathering Storm
Eileen Lauterborn Low Tide
Ruby Horansky A Drop of Rain
Gerrie Congdon Kelp Dance
Jenny Williams Sea Oat
Jenny Williams Coral Reef
Jenny Williams Hull
Kathryn Conte Black River
Gwen Brink Sea Dragon Song
Deborah Langsam Meadow Frost
Nancy Lassiter Currents
Martha Warshaw Polyphonic Square 16: Fort Worth
Martha Warshaw Polyphonic Square 17: Chicago River
Jen Siegrist Deep End of Emotion

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