Monday, April 29, 2013

Santa Fe Spring

I was just in Santa Fe for SAQA's Expanding Horizons Conference. The Conference itself was wonderful - offering a perfect blend of information and inspiration. It also was a great opportunity to meet with friends that I mainly connect with on the internet.
Sherry Kleinman, Margaret Blank, and Me.
There was plenty of time allowed for visiting the town. I had forgotten how picturesque it is. Of course, there are the many galleries and museums but simply walking the streets there are scenes that catch your eye. Here are a few glimpses for you.


  1. How nice to see you and Margaret whom I communicate with on the VP together.

  2. Brings back wonderful memories of Denver! Ya'll look fantastic!

  3. Nice photo's! I'm wishing I took more photo's already. I enjoyed the time we spent together. Love the pillow you made for your granddaughter too.