Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Riding the waves of creativity

The proposed title of my new work is "serenity" but I would hardly term the process of creating it such. I am constantly accosted by my 'internal judge' discussing the state of my piece with me. :)

For the past week or so, I have been working periodically on the bridge that is a focal point in the piece. Creating it has been a bit tedious to say the least and so there has been plenty of time for self-critiquing with a resulting range of emotions from satisfaction to frustration.

Tom Crum used to talk about roller coasters of emotions and feeling buffeted by the heights and depths of these emotions as they flow through our consciousness. Rather than embodying whatever is our current emotion, he always suggested viewing emotions as weather patterns passing through our being and recognizing that we are not our emotions. This metaphor helps me tremendously in simply witnessing my emotions rather than letting them dominate my life.

Useful information when creating bridges!

Last night I got to a point of finally adding the infamous bridge to the background. I stepped back, actually across the room, and discovered that there was hope. I snapped a quick photo - not exactly in focus - but enough to give me a bit more perspective. Here is a quick crop of that villainous bridge so you can imagine more vividly what was involved in its construction.

The bridge is simply fused at this point, not quilted or shaded with stitching, and much more needs to be added to the scene but progress is obvious. I am particularly pleased with how well the background trees are blending into the scene. I trust that as the pond in the foreground is added, the bridge will naturally blend in as well.

Conecting this to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday. Please check out everyone's projects for the week.


  1. It may be a serene scene, but there's lots to it -- not the least of which is the 'infamous bridge'! It's certainly pulling together well, though...

  2. This is really coming together! Fabulous work on the bridge!

  3. Your work is progressing... despite the waves of judgement. (I agree with the idea of viewing emotions as weather -they all pass.) The trees and bridge are beautifully integrated. Love the subtle details of the trees in background.

  4. I definitely understand the ebb and flow of creative judgement. So many times by the time I'm done with a piece - I can't even stand to look at it. Then months later I take it out and thought - OMG - that's fantastic - wow! The same is the same with my creative energy - sometimes I'm overflowing while other times I'm dry as a desert. If we didn't have these cycles we would never appreciate how blessed we are when things are up.

  5. It looks like you are doing very well! I recently did a bridge themed landscape and although I went at it several times over a year or so, it still isn't right! I did learn from it though...what NOT to do! lol

    I like your bridge piece so far...I really do!