Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ivy Thimble's New Home

About ten years ago, I was picking up again on my interest in fabrics and quilting. At the same time, Trish Straight opened a small storefront quilting store on our Main St. that she called 'Ivy Thimble'. Our paths had crossed many times before that as our children progressed through the local school system so it was nice to find a friendly face when I ventured in to one of my first quilt stores. Through the years since then we have both watched our children grow into full fledged adults and pursued our own paths in the fiber world. Ivy Thimble moved to a second location as it expanded…….I began entering shows….

Now, as 2014 emerges, it filled me with great delight as I finished a run in our town to stop in at the brand new location of Ivy Thimble. Over the years, Trish outgrew her second location as she expanded the services offered by Ivy Thimble and the lines of fabric carried. As important to me, during these years, she reached out in every disaster to sponsor a drive to support those in need, not to mention the food drives for our local community.

As I walked about in the new huge location for Trish's store, I had to smile. I see many quilt stores in my travels, but none come close to Ivy Thimble in its new location. There are actually theme rooms for fabrics! The classrooms are spacious and there is an entire long arm section. I can't help but feel so happy both for Trish and for our local community that we have her. It is really wonderful to see someone who has given so much succeed in their dreams.

Spacious New Main Floor of Ivy Thimble
Solids and '30s fabric theme room
Civil War Theme Room

New Spacious Classroom

Longarm Services has its own space



  1. Oh my goodness! A bit of heaven! May she do well there -- and I know you'll help, eh? ;-)