Friday, February 14, 2014

Handwork, Snow, and Sheer Joy

This is a small case that I made for carrying some of my needles, small scissors, etc. for my hand-stitching projects when I travel. It was very helpful on my trip to Colorado last week. I suspect I will look on it fondly as my web and buttonhole stitches improve with practice!

There was 36 inches of snow in Aspen in 24 hours. While it created havoc with my flights, once I did get there, the snow was just beautiful. I got out to take some photos on my 'morning off' from child care.

The most precious part of my trip was sharing a week with my granddaughter. It is impossible to spend time with a two-year-old and not be reminded of how great it is to be able to be 'in the moment' and experience sheer joy in just being.

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  1. Your needle case is beautiful, as is your granddaughter!

  2. Great photos! The snow is beautiful but pales in comparison to that joyful smile

  3. Joyful girl! And what a beautiful place.... safe travels home.

  4. makes our 10 inches look like fluff. It's crusty and icy now... ick
    glad you had fun
    LeeAnna Paylor

  5. Your granddaughter is beyond cute!!!