Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Stretching Exercises

A few weeks ago, I shared a brief video with a suggested stretching exercise that you can do while you are sewing. It was enthusiastically received so I thought I would share an additional exercise with you.  I would like to thank both my friend, Nancy Hicks, for video taping this piece for me and Linda Fellows, owner of The Bobbin Case in Brighton, NY for the use of her store.

If you would a bit more review on the posture form that I mention in this video, you can check out this previous post. In the coming weeks, I hope to share some more ideas on stretches and on the mind/body state of center.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Judy! One technical detail with the video, the volume is low and your voice is soft. Maybe that could be elevated for the next videos?

  2. Thanks, Linda. I am working on the volume issue. This video was taped at the same time as the posture one. They were an improvement over my first - :) - but the next will be even better.

  3. This was great Judy! Thank you. I will try to put these exercise into practice regularly.