Sunday, June 24, 2012

Exciting New Class by Red-Dog Enterprises

Saturday I had the pleasure of taking a new digital class that Julie Brandon is teaching through her company, Red-Dog Enterprises. The class entitled Digital Meets Fiber was held at the White Birch Cove Retreat.
Images appearing from printer

I have owned Adobe Photoshop for years and used it for very specific purposes. I have always wanted the opportunity to explore its use in art quilts and this class offered just the opportunity. In the short span of a few hours, I was able to create a collage design, work with it in Photoshop, and have it printed out on cotton fabric.

Julie was a dream of an instructor. She set up exercises to get our creative juices flowing and then coached us through the design aspect of the class on computer. I was quite impressed with her time management and directional skills. I have been in many classes where students fall behind as the class progresses and the goals for the class are not achieved. Not this class.
Julie explaining the intricacies of design work on the computer

I left at the end of the day with an exciting image on cloth to play with on my machine, as well as three other collages scanned into my computer for future projects.

Julie showing my first digitally designed full cloth image while Sophie looks on

The class is offered again in August if you are interested. Both Julie and Val Schultz are offering a selection of classes at White Birch Cove this summer. You can check out future class offerings on the Red Dog site. And, I understand that White Birch is also available for private retreats and other events. It would be a beautiful location to spend a weekend!

White Birch Cove Retreat


  1. What a great piece to work with. Where exactly is this place located? I checked the website but it doesn't mention a location.

  2. We are located on lake ontario in Williamson, NY

    Julie Brandon:)

  3. Thanks--I'm from central NY originally and get back there once in a while, so maybe I could take a class sometime in the future.