Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Moment to Remember - Queen's Jublilee

This morning while I was quilting away, I put on CNN and witnessed the most amazing sight. The Brits were celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.  This was the day for the Thames Royal Pageant  with over 20, 000 people in over 1000 boats. Those figures alone are fairly amazing. But, here is the thing - it was cold and pouring rain. It didn't matter.

The Royal family, stood in an open air reviewing stand for the entire 90 minutes of the spectacle (when they weren't on a barge themselves, waving to well wishers). A million people came out to watch the event, despite the weather.

At the end, the London Philharmonic orchestra and choral group sailed up the Thames and sang to the Queen. The singers were on top of their barge and drenched through and through. The orchestra was pretty wet too. But, it didn't matter. The crowds cheered and the band played on. It was a most amazing demonstration of respect for a woman who had served them for 50 years and of the determination of a people to carry on despite a little weather.

I am reminded of a favorite quote of mine from naturalist, Stuart Mace, whom I had the pleasure to study with many years ago. 'No one ever melted from the rain."

Here is a clip from CNN of the final moments of the pageant and singing of a very wet national anthem. Would we all show such determination in carrying on despite unexpected turns of event!


  1. Sixty years, m'love...60! God Save the Queen! :-) (er...please forgive that last outburst of Canadian enthusiasm...)

  2. I stand corrected! Must have been the excitement of the moment that made my hand hit the wrong number. :)