Monday, August 13, 2012

The Izzy Bag

Marlous Designs has a delightful pattern for what they call The Izzy Bag. It is handy size bag with an adjustable strap that can be worn across the body or over a shoulder. Fellow Bernina owner, Rosemary Grandusky, had an Izzy Bag at a meeting of the Bernina Club at my favorite place, the Bobbin Case. I particularly liked the bag as there was a convenient pocket on the front that held an iphone. So, when Rosemary offered a class in how to make an Izzy Bag, I was one of the first to sign up. I thought it would be a fun break from my art quilts and what else is summer for except to have a little fun.

The class was held last week and I was thrilled. The write-up promised that the project could be completed in the class. Now my track record on such objectives is not great. But, I decided to keep an open mind. It turns out Rosemary is the most wonderfully patient instructor. She was fully prepared with templates and labels to aid each of us in the class in the cutting out of the various pattern pieces. If you have ever tried to make one of the many bag patterns sold in fabric stores, you are aware that cutting out and keeping track of the various pieces is often the most challenging part of the task. This was particularly true in this case as the bag uses four different fabrics that blend together for an attractive design for the front of the bag and its many pockets.

Rosemary reading through the Izzy pattern with a student
But, as I said, Rosemary is a great teacher. Therefore I am happy to report that I actually finished my Izzy bag before I left the store. The pattern is fairly easy to follow. Rosemary had already made a number of the bags so she had some well thought out tweaks to the pattern and knew exactly where we all would need coaching. Having completed one, I am confident that I can easily follow the pattern that came with the class on my own and make another bag independently.

In the meantime, I have a handy bag in beautiful fall colors all ready for when the temperatures begin to drop!

My finished bag!


  1. Cute! I admit to being one who loves the idea of making bags, but beyond the humble tote, generally find 'em too finicky!

  2. Great bag in wonderful colors, Judy!