Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Squeezing in Some Quilting

Just got my Mileage Plus statement for last month and it had a little section on Fun Facts - pointed out that I had been to 8 United airports in January. What a great summary of 2013. In February I only expect to hit 7. But, I have been home for two and a half days so I decided to partake in SAQA's Santa Fe Spotlight.

All that was required was a 6x8 inch piece which would be matted and used in a silent auction at the April SAQA Expanding Horizons conference in Santa Fe. A prompt turn-around by Red Dog Enterprises on some digital printing meant that I was greeted by the base for a contribution when I arrived home on Sunday afternoon. It felt absolutely wonderful to be back quilting the piece on my machine on Monday and yesterday I sat peacefully adding some beadwork.

While I will leave the 'unveiling' for Santa Fe, here is a glimpse of a section of the work in an early stage when I was experimenting with what beads might add to the piece. I am calling it Vanishing Ice. I suspect it is my first in a series of pieces that will deal with the topic of melting Arctic ice. (Have I mentioned that my husband and I are complementing our trip to Antarctica with a journey to the other end of the globe to visit the Arctic later this year?)


  1. Ooooh...tantalizing, Judy! I have to chuckle at your penchant for cold-weather holidays. Many of my friends are snow-birds who determinedly head to Arizona or California!

  2. I agree..this piece looks interesting. Look forward to the reveal.