Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quick and Easy Bag Pattern

Last week I decided to adapt the idea behind a bag I bought in India in one of the markets for a new bag. I was attracted to the general idea behind the bag as it used strips of fabric with a creative twist.

For a start I chose some fabrics remnants that I had which were all longer than 23" and wider than 2 1/2". I cut strips sufficient to make two rectangles about 23" x 30". The fabrics were color coordinated and joined with 1/4" seams. I used roughly equal width fabrics but I could easily have varied the widths of the strips.

I then made a simple pattern and cut mirror image shapes from the rectangles.
 I joined these two pieces at the sides and then folded them as in the photo below.

 I also made slighly smaller lining versions of the shape and joined them similarly.
 From there it was a simple assembly task. I created the handle out of left over pieces of the rectangle, lined the handle strip, and then attached it to the body of the bag.
 This patterns probably has an infinite number of variations. The bag I purchased in India was heavily embellished. The same general concept would work in a variety of sizes. It is a fun way to use up remnants and create handy bags for miscellaneous tasks.