Monday, September 23, 2013

A Studio in the Works

It wasn't planned exactly, but change is happening in my sewing accommodations.

It all started when I stopped by to see my friends at the BobbinCase. As we were chatting, for some reason I started asking about various sewing tables on display. One thing led to another and I soon discovered one floor model was priced very appealingly to make room for a new table soon to arrive at the store. Before I knew it, I was taking measurements and heading home.

A few days later, that floor model resides in what has been termed my 'office' till now. I think it is finally beginning to qualify as a studio. :)

We won't discuss what the rest of the 'studio' looks like quite yet. Since this wasn't exactly a planned project, miscellaneous sewing items are currently residing on my floor while I create room for them in that walk-in closetbehind the doors you see in the photo. Up till now, my 830 Bernina has resided in our family room so things like thread have lived in that area of our home.  For almost two years my stash has been in a walk-in area off my office, so with this move, most of my sewing life is actually centralized in one place in our home.

I am really in love with the table. It is incredibly comfortable to sew at. What you see upon it is the Comfort Quilt I wrote about a few weeks ago. Quilting it with the larger extensions of this new table expanded was sheer joy. When I am not using my 830, it conveniently drops into the table. The resulting surface area is great for quick cutting projects, or I can collapse the extensions for a more spacious feel in the room.

I expect I will spend many happy hours creating in this 'new' space.


  1. Ah, friend, I think you're table is a great deal like mine -- especially if it has a shallow drawer on the left end -- where I keep thread, and my button box, and the instruction manual for the machine. I agree: it's lovely to have a table with extensions to hold fabric weight and to have your machine set in place, flat to the sewing surface. May you have many blessed hours sewing in your evolving studio!

  2. How wonderful for you! It makes such a difference to have the right tools and comforts for our craft.

  3. Your new table looks beautiful and so versatile! Congratulations on your new "studio"! It is so nice to have everything in one room, close at hand. I know you are going to enjoy your new space.

  4. Fabulous table...all to make your creating life easier! Congratulations...