Monday, July 25, 2011

New Storage Space

My new storage space is installed and I have begun to fill it up! The actual space was designed to be a sauna but the previous owners never installed one and I have used it as an off shoot to my office where file cabinets, mailing supplies, fax and copier have lived. Now that the 'NY office' of the business I have worked with for the past 25 years is officially closing, I realized I could convert the space into storage for my art. The project is really only half done. I am not showing you what the other half of the space looks like - :).  But one side of the space is now totally dedicated to my fabric, etc.

I absolutely love it. I can SEE what I own. I won't describe how I have been storing it up to now in our utility room but, believe me, this is so much better. As you can see, I have not filled all the cubbies. The shelves are adjustable for the most part. And, I had the shelving hung so I could fit my extra machine on the floor.

I can't help but feel that my productivity will soar in 2012 with the new found time and the ease of browsing my stash for inspiration.


  1. Love it! And the fact that you can see what you have is essential -- to me,at least. Out of sight means I don't own it. Keep going.

    Pat Pauly

  2. And, Pat, I am happy to say that there are a few pieces of your hand dyed fabric in there. And I am using on of your pieces in my new project that I will soon start blogging about!

  3. What a wonderfully large storage area. Have fun filling it up! Nancy T.

  4. I love your new storage space!! How wonderful to be able to see everything and be so organized.