Friday, November 29, 2013

Another week………more progress?

Sometimes one can be in the midst of so many projects that not only can you lose sight of the finish line, but lose parts of the projects in the chaos. After, more than once, spending precious time searching my studio for a necessary item, it was time this week to pause and organize the chaos.

It took a part of two days but I now can find things. Plus, I do believe that sitting in a cluttered space encourages a cluttered mind…..and that indeed lessens productivity.


With less clutter, I have been making progress on a number of fronts. I thought I would share with you some butterflies and birds that I have been making these past few weeks. 

The figures are stitched on angelina and water soluble solve. This photo was taken on a background of silk. I have now fused silk backgrounds onto each of the figures. Eventually they will be added to a piece that I am working on and I will share that. In the meantime, back to stitching!


  1. Those closet doors can be your design wall. Just cover with foam and fleece (or flannel) and one can slide over the other...just a suggestion.

    1. That is a really interesting comment, Pat, that I am going to have to ponder. Thank you very much. I am still using those portable poster boards that you suggested long ago….The advantage of them is that I can move them about…and sometimes, moving one into my living room for a further perspective has appeal……of course, I could still do that and have the doors function as you suggested. :)

  2. Really beautiful stitching on the butterflies and birds and very effective use of Angelina. Most people put it on too thickly.

  3. Lovely delicate birds and butterflies! I know what you mean about chaos... I find it hard to work in it...