Thursday, November 7, 2013


In the midst of my somewhat chaotic life, the SAQA Benefit Auction took place this year. My friend, Margaret Blank, donated an art quilt entitled "Wonder." It caught my eye and I was lucky enough to place a bid before anyone else. It arrived in my mail a few weeks ago.

Wonder by Margaret Blank

What attracted me to the piece was the essence of peace that it created for me. I love subtlety and Margaret relied simply on blue, white, and sparkle to create her piece. That was sufficient to get me bidding.

However, with "Wonder" in my hands, much to my delight, I was reminded about how little actually comes across in photos. (How in the world do judges jury a show from photos, however well done? I surely don't envy them!)

As Margaret's work rested on my desk, I got to appreciate and wonder in amazement at the delicate beading that enhanced many of the tree branches, portraying the results of a hoarfrost.Then there were all the tiny hand stitches of metallic threads, only visible as you neared the work, that built up that sense of wonderment.

I have often heard said that a great piece of art attracts your eye from across a room and then pulls you in as you get closer and get lost in its detail work. For me, "Wonder" is a great example.

The best part of all is that I now get to hang this work of art in my home where it can continue to convey Wonder for many years. :)


  1. You were very fortunate to have successfully bid on Margaret's work. I too, felt the essence of peace from "Wonder". I had no idea how much I was missing by not being able to view the piece up close. The photo doesn't do it justice! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Your description is poetic as is Margaret's piece. I agree that photos just can't capture the subtleties and beauty of fiber art.

  3. Gosh, dear friends...I'm touched. Can you see my blush of pleasure across cyber-space? Thank you for your kind words. :-)

  4. ohhhh lucky you - you got a piece by Margaret! Last month we had an open studio and I bought a piece by my friend Sandy. I bought it because I love it - that it was made by her is just a bonus!

  5. well done on acquiring apiece of art that you's stunning.

  6. Congratulations on successfully bidding on Margaret's quilt... I can just imagine how much more there is to see in the real piece v. the photograph. Textiles need to be seen in person....