Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inspirational Prints!

One never knows where inspiration is going to come from. Sometimes it is best to just trust the universe and not worry.

Monday was one of my 'wrap-up' days. With two of my quilts nearing completion and my first art quilt in a new series ready to be put to cloth, my mind was already puzzling over where I was going next. Also hanging over my head was my promise to create 10 quilts for our Guild's Love and Comfort Quilt Project.

An email reminder that the deadline for one of my challenge quilts was drawing near brought me back to the present moment and refocusing on finishing a top so I could give it to my good art quilter friend, Val Schultz, for quilting. Here is a peak at the design for that challenge quilt.

I needed some backing fabric before giving it to Val so yesterday I stopped by Ivy Thimble for what was supposed to be a quick simple purchase. I walked into Ivy Thimble and there, staring me in the face, were two stunning flowers.

The day was overcast so the glorious reds and yellows were a most welcome sight. How could I resist? While heading down an aisle towards some batik fabric for my backing, I told Trish, the owner of Ivy Thimble, to cut me two flowers.  The fabric is called Daydreams by Stephanie Brandenburg and is available from Camelot Cottons.

It wasn't until the purchase was complete that it dawned on me that I had the answer to my quandry over what I would do next.  I could build not one, but two, comfort quilts out of the fabric. Amazing synchronicity!


  1. I love those flowers! I just found the same fabric at Magnolia Quiltworks here in TX. The colors are beautiful! I hope you'll show your comfort quilts when you have them done.

  2. Promise that I will, Bee. Now if I can just find the time...!