Friday, October 22, 2010

Rituals for Quilting

My good friend and associate, Tom Crum, recently wrote a Centering Hint on developing good positive rituals for when your golf shot is less than perfect. Golf is a long way from quilting but the concept of developing positive habits that enhance your performance and creativity applies equally well for quilt artists as golfers.

I am working on a draft article for SAQA on rituals as we prepare to quilt. I am curious if anyone has rituals that they tend to do before they sit down at their machine. It might be a stretching routine; it could be pausing for a moment to consider your objective for the stitching session. I would love to know if you have any, or if you have even considered the topic. And, if you could see the value of a practice.

More on Posture Discussion

My last post on posture prompted some interesting comments. The problem of seeing behind the needle while you are quilting was mentioned. I thought about this more the past few days. Not sure if this will help but I remembered Libby Lehman mentioning in a lecture that she turns her machine at an angle to her when she is free motion quilting. I appreciate that might be a bit difficult if your machine is set into a table but I thought I would mention the idea. It might solve the visibility issue for some people. Worth experimenting with at least.
That is it for today. I hope to spend my free time for the next few days quilting two pieces - one is a gift, the other for our Comfort Quilt Project. Then I will be back to my art quilts.

Hope you enjoy Tom's Centering Hint too!


  1. Judy, I read on Leah's 365 days of machine quilting that she altered the round end of the embroidery foot - she cut her's in half. So, being me, I did that too and can see perfectly where I am going. BUT do do that if you do not have the tools ( cutter, files, large pliers, etc.)

  2. Thanks, Carol. I don't seem to have the problem that others have. My free motion quilting foot is already 'cut in half' it seems. I use an open foot most of the time when I am sewing also. You are brave to go about cutting one - I definitely don't have the tools!