Monday, December 13, 2010

One more day

Not to pound you with photos of Maui, but these are from the past few days and the colors are fascinating me.

These are from sunset after a day of storms - yes, there are occasional winter storms in Maui. "Winter Storm" meaning that it rained most of the day and the temp was only in the high 60's - why I love Maui.

The rest of these photos are from a boat trip that we took around Lanai the day after the storm. It was with Safari Boat Excursions and I heartily recommend them. The owner, Capt. Dave, does a fun-filled and thoughtful trip around the island of Lanai, with plenty of snorkeling if the weather is right.

This is our second trip with Capt. Dave and he adapts the day's stops to catch opportunities. We actually went snorkeling around this wreck off the coast of Lanai - something which doesn't happen often because of the winds and the current.
Here is a photo of Shark's Fin - that is rock, not a real shark. The reds in the cliffs is absolutely vibrant.
Another highlight was having the boat approach and slightly enter a cave along the coastline. I got to snap this shot of the upper part of the entrance to the cave. I can guarantee that this is going to be transformed into an art quilt when I get home.
Just one more photo, just because it was so special. We got to stop along the coast and swim up to take a walk on the sort of beach you imagine in your dreams. Unreal!
I shall be looking at these photos all winter!

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