Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Progress Report

My art work on the Scents of India continues to evolve. I am now in the process of adding the beadwork. You may recognize the seed pod design from my earlier post on the star anise. The actual star anise pods will be set into the map of India part of the quilt. I have found some glue that seems to work quite well for anchoring the pods.

I now have a name for this other work - Winter Greens. You may not believe it but the inspiration came from a photo I took in Paris in January at an open market. I definitely seem to be moving in the direction of abstracting from photos that I take to play with the colors and shapes in fiber.  Here are the original photos -

The more I work on Winter Greens, the more I like it. Ever have that experience? For me it is refreshing. My internal critic is usually pretty active while I am creating a piece. I am glad that I have learned to persist no matter what.

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