Monday, June 20, 2011

The ArT QuILT ExPERIENce - More Quilts

Here is some photos on two more quilts in the exhibits.

Mind, Body, and Spirit II by Susan Jackan
I loved the colors in Susan Jackan's work and the piecing detail really interested me. Notice how the circular them is followed through with different fabrics that are not stitched to make a complete circle.

I also noticed that the strips are sometimes pieced into the background and other times run over other strips. It gives a bit of a feeling of weaving.

Finally, I was so captivated by the wholeness of the piece that I only noticed when I was writing up this description that it is actually four rectangles pieced together - and two are the inverse of the other.

The second piece that I wanted to share is by Jennifer Hearn of South Africa.
Autumn Bluster by Jennifer Hearn
 Here is a close-up of the center strip - it is actually looks like a needlepoint or counted cross stitch design. As you can see, Jennifer has appliqued flowers and leaves throughout the piece.

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