Friday, June 17, 2011

The ArT QuILT ExPERIENce - The Quilts

When I read the Call for Entry for the ArT QuILT ExPERIENce, the size limitations were frustrating. The minimum size for any one side was 36". I quickly realized that I often work in smaller dimensions. However, seeing the show hung, I can appreciate the call for larger size quilts. It created a wonderful array that filled the two galleries perfectly.

I was captivated by the quality of the quilts and the detail work in many. Here are two of the many that captured by attention. I hope to share more in the coming weeks and really encourage you to visit the show if you can.

Orchid Blossoms I by Andrea Brokenshire
This quilt was 36" x 47.5" and every inch was stunning. I loved the texture that Andrea created with her stitching lines.
  I was equally fascinated by her background work. If you check out the two photos below, you realize that the background was not fused together. As I was discussing this observation with a friend at the show, a passerby said that she thought Andrea used water soluble stabilizer to hold the pieces while stitching.

Another quilt that I was in awe of was by Caren Betlinski of Rushville, NY.
Imagine #4 – In My Mother's Garden by Caren Betlinski
 This quilt was 34" x 40.5" and heavily thread painted. You can see some of the detail in the following photos. I love the feeling of depth that Caren creates with her selection of threads.

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  1. Thank you for your interest in my quilt Xcaret: Orchid Blossom I and posting it on your blog. I wasn't able to attend the event so it has been nice to see photos and comments of those who have seen the venue.
    As to your query, The background was created using misty fuse to temporarily hold the fabric pieces down then they were secured with free-motion quilting. I have used water soluble stabilizer before but wasn't crazy about the finished product.
    Again, thank you for your interest in my work, It touched my heart