Friday, August 12, 2011

Of Covers for iPads and Kindles

Everyone seems to be getting a Kindle or iPad these days. I have had an iPad for quite awhile and my daughter just got a Kindle. My iPad is one of the earlier models and I bought an official iPad case for it. I found it bulky for traveling and soon made my own case, using some dense batting that I had for cushioning. I have found it totally adequate.

 When my daughter announced that she now had a Kindle, I volunteered to make a cover. She lives across the country in Spokane, WA, so I didn't have a model to work with. But, conveniently, Bernina offered a pattern in their latest issue of their online e-magazine, Through the Needle. Their design, as I would expect, was a little fancier, including a small pocket on the back and a design for the front cover that allowed one to use some of Bernina's wonderful decorative stitch options. I found the pattern easy to follow and finished the entire project in an afternoon. Since I have had a good experience with using batting as padding in my iPad case, I simply used some batting I had in my stash rather than the fiberform suggested in the directions. In fact, everything I needed to make the case was in my stash. :)

Here is how the cover turned out. I think my daughter will be pleased!

Front of Kindle cover

Back of Kindle cover


  1. Judy,
    How big is an iPad? My son got one from his boss last Christmas (cool, eh?!) and perhaps I could make him a cover. I'm guessing 8" x 10" but...can you confirm? By the way, yours look great!

  2. Hi Margaret
    Will measure on Monday. In a seminar with my Sensei from Japan till then. :)