Monday, September 19, 2011

Outside the Box

I am back from India. It was an amazing trip and I will undoubtedly be sharing my experiences over the next months. I was reminded over and over as I traveled that, for me, India is a grand experience in living outside the box. It pushes and pushes at your preconceptions of reality, your comfort levels, and your endurance. And, the rewards for letting go and just experiencing are immense!

Here is a photo I took near Alleppey of the traditional fishing boats that have been used for hundreds of years - they create a majestic scene. These fishermen have returned from their morning fishing and are pulling the boat up on the sand. It is as big as it looks.

Shortly after I took this photo, we were treated to an impromptu traditional tiger dance by some local kids. We were in Kerala for Onam - the equivilent of a secular Christmas there - and the dance is part of the Onam celebration.

Cast of dancers

Tiger dance
 If you can imagine, the crowd where I was standing was as dense as the crowd that you can see. Did I mention that it was 100% humidity and about 85 or 90°F out? It was a totally unexpected and memorable moment - not your average upstate NY experience!

Hope to share more in the coming days!


  1. What adventures you've had, Judy! That fishing boat resembles a Viking ship...amazing!

  2. Great photos! Looking forward to more.

  3. Ahh, that's just i how feel about India also. It's an experience like no other. Love these pictures, and will look forward to more.