Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Remembering a Very Special Friend

CH Demavand's Colette, TDIAOV

We have had to say good-bye to our Siberian Husky, Colette. She passed away Monday night after a very long illness. Colette was a very special dog. In her 11 years, she got to be a Mom twice, and in a show ring enough times to earn the title of Champion. But, where Colette was brightest was in her role as a therapy dog.

Colette loved to serve and gave joy to so many. For years, she cast herself in the role of official 'greeter' at local nursing homes. When she was visiting a group of residents and someone would enter the room, she would immediately go over and acknowledge his or her presence, and, of course, be told she was beautiful.

Colette seemed to intuitively know what was needed in every situation she found herself in. If she visited a battered women's center, she was content to let the three and four-year-olds climb all over her or fall asleep on her back. At developmental centers, she would draw upon her show ring talents and run in circles with the teens, head held high. These last five years she would visit two floors at our local VA Medical Center most Tuesdays connecting with our Veterans. Patiently, she would move from client to client and stand oh so still, while they petted her head. Even the most withdrawn or quarrelsome resident would acknowledge Colette and sometimes share a story about a dog or cat in their past.

But, most of all, Colette was our loyal friend. She was good with our children while they were home. After they left to follow their own lives, she was always willing to leave her two companions, Seva and Magic, for a bit and come sit with Jerry or me. She was kind to our cats and even tolerated an occasional cleaning when they felt she just smelt too much like a dog.

Now she is at peace. We miss her but will always treasure the time she shared with us. I hope there is a doggie heaven where she can run and play again. She definitely earned it.


  1. Judy, I am sure she's running free somewhere...Bless her -- and bless you!


  2. Judy, that is a lovely tribute to your dear friend. Nice to remember her to us.

  3. What a loving tribute to a truly special dog! I know how much she will be missed.

  4. A heartfelt tribute for your companion, Judy...sounded like she was VERY special. I am sorry for your loss.