Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Poem to Appreciate

I found this poem on a blog, Mind Deep, that I like to follow.  Hope you enjoy it too.

Getting On With the Full Program

Lurking behind every aversive thought,
every constriction in the body,
every annoyance in the heart,
I almost always find
the implicit expectation of something else,
another reality wished for
and not to be had in this moment.
And beneath it all, the firmly planted delusion
of life just as I would like it to be
with no pain, no unpleasantness, no bad surprises,
no old age, no sickness, no death, no earthquakes,
no downturn . . .
I sit and I wonder, when shall I become wise,
and get on with the full program?
When? Marguerite Manteau Rao


  1. *Love* this, Judy -- the fact that she recognizes that "the full program" includes pain, unpleasantness, bad surprises, old age, etc.....

  2. I agree, Margaret. I am sitting here in India, viewing the full pckage of families' lives that my family and friends have been supporting for many years. The contrast in familiess reflects the reality of life and all it encompasses. So glad I could share with my daughter! Be back home in another week.