Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rioult Dance

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend a performance by the Rioult Dance Company. If you ever have the opportunity, they are really amazing. The company is based in New York City but travels throughout the year.

Their precision, their artistic ability, the interplay of movment, set, costuming and music is absolutely stunning. They performed three pieces in Rochester, NY and each was more impressive than the last. The final piece, "Bolero", based upon the well-known music of Maurice Ravel, was choreographed with the same compositional characteristics as the musical score - their dancers repeat small repetitive movements over and over in a way that is totally mesmerizing and really builds to a climax.

Equally impressive to their dance performances are their outreach efforts in the New York City schools. Through DanceREACH, an arts-in-education program, the company offers performances and workshops in both dance movement and choreography.

Here is a brief promo video of the company that I found on YouTube.

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