Friday, October 28, 2011

The Taj

At the end of our trip to India, we visited the Taj Mahal. I was told everyone should visit. I didn't understand why but trusted. I am glad I did. The Taj is an experience at many levels. Two thoughts stay with me - diviersity and detail. For this post, let me focus on detail.

I have always thought of the Taj as a huge white structure. That is certainly true.
First View of the Taj
 But, as you approach, you begin to realize the artistic detail of every inch of the building. Can you begin to sense that from this next photo?

Every inch of the marble is etched, inlaid. You can see that even more clearly in these photos.

 And here is some detail of the marble inlays and carvings.

This one almost looks like a quilt! It is actually the inside of a dome structure.
And, I am only sharing detail for the actual Taj. There is a mosque to one side of the Taj that was built for the workers (and a replica of that mosque on the other side simply for balance). These structures are art works in themselves - not to mention the artistry in the various 'gate' buildings through which you approach the Taj.

It is no wonder that people walk about in awe, sitting a bit to take more in. Your senses are continually bombarded by beauty - at a grand and a detail level. It is truly an inspiring site - majestic seems too small a word to describe it. 

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