Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Exploring Design

I have spent the last few weeks playing with design concepts in Dena Crain's 'Goodbye to the Grid' class on Quilt University. It has been great fun! This is my third time taking the course. Dena is an exceptional teacher who has a gift for working with students online.

The class typically starts with students drawing sets of lines and curves. This time was no different. It is absolutely fascinating to see how from one set of instructions, every student’s postings online are unique.

Dena pushes everyone to experiment. Once they have a basic sketch, she leads students through a process of analysis and experimentation.  It is a play of intuition and intellect.

Each time that I have tried the class, I have come up with some sort of design. I keep coming back for more coaching as I am never totally satisfied with my results but do finish each class with a sense of some progress in my abilities and a better of appreciation of  principles that I know will bolster my design capabilities.

This time through the class I have really pleased with my results. I have been slowly tweaking and modifying a design to the point where it is 'finished' and ready to turn into an art quilt - a whole new process in itself that I am throwing myself into. 

I thought I would share some of my sketches along the way.

Here is where I started - part of the way through a drawing exercise of lines and curves, I realized that I liked what I saw.

I then began to repeat some of the curves and add in additional sets of lines and curves, always working in sets.

At this point, I began to make more subtle changes. Can you spot my change for this version?
Next, I added in an additional feature in the top to fill in some space, explored whether it should be in front or behind a column and adjusted some other lines.
Finally I expanded the curve in the bottom of the drawing.
All that remained now was to close some shapes and crop for my final drawing to be done.

Will keep you posted as I turn this into an art quilt!

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  1. Bridges and staircases -- this is going to be a wonderful quilt, Judy!