Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Fun Follow-up

I wrote a few weeks ago in a post that we had bought our daughter a sewing machine for Christmas. I am happy to report that after the quick lesson from me that I reported on, Jaye has created a continual stream of pillows, etc for their home. She has visited her local Bernina store a number of times and it sounds as though her stash is slowly growing.

My delight in all this blossomed this past weekend when I called and was told that she and her husband, Steve, were in a fabric store picking out fabric for him! Happily I received a photo later in the evening of the two pillows that Steve made for his Dad's birthday. It reported to me a few days later that Dad was delighted with his gift.


  1. Ah...to lie back on those cushy pillows, cradling a glass of shiraz...or whatever takes one's fancy! Great fun, Judy -- she's on a roll now!

  2. Hey, Margaret. They are on a roll - Steve made the pillows! Yes, I think his Dad might just enjoy a glass of shiraz.