Monday, February 6, 2012

A Mother's Delight

We bought our daughter, Jaye, a sewing machine for Christmas this year.  Jaye had some less than positive encounters in the past with sewing and was concerned she might break the machine. So, she chose to wait till I could visit to try it out. As a result, we had a couple of sewing lessons last weekend.

I decided we would start out very simply. I brought out some African print fabric I had and we cut two rectangles for her to sew together and stuff as a pillow. It was a good start that allowed her to learn a bit about the machine and end her first lesson on a positive note. For the second lesson, I had her make a simple purse with a layer of batting between two pieces of fabric that she could then turn inside-out and sew side seams in with a walking foot I got her. Another positive encounter!

We also practiced some mending on a pair of her husband's nursing scrubs. Her creativity started to shine through as after she finished repairing the seam, she added a row of snowflakes to the rear pocket with her decorative stitching. This brought some interesting comments from her husband, Steve. :)

I knew that if I could get Jaye started, she would grasp the versaltility of these simple projects and her creativity would push her forward. I left on Monday morning and by Tuesday night I was receiving photos of a eyeglass case and a new pillow - pieced together no less! I am so proud of her for over-coming her fears and plunging in to learn a new skill that I know can bring her hours of enjoyment!

Here are a few photos of our adventure.
Jaye learns the basics
So, these are scissors!

Eyeglass case

A beautiful pillow!


  1. Looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. :-) What fun! May Jaye be blessed with many years of creative delight with her machine.

  2. Lovely wonderful she is finding her way in the creative path with your help!