Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Determined Doodle

I have heard and experienced the theory that after a point a quilt take over and creates itself. But, this is getting silly. When I do get to sketching (a skill I am working on - see my next post for my latest prod), the results are often abstract designs. My Maui Dreams series is a good example of this process.

Well, earlier this summer I sketched out a design that I found interesting. Every time I went back through skedted images, it grabbed my attention. I decided to play with it a bit and finally enlarged it and dissected it into some shapes I could play with. It has been haunting me for weeks now.

I have changed colors in it. Streamlined the design. Posted it on my design wall and stared. I thought it might be celtic so I researched and tried traditional celtic colors. I tried different backgrounds. I went to put it in a drawer for a bit, but it won't go. It wants to be finished.

Yesterday it goaded me into stitching it onto one layer of background. I still can't find a logical reason for it, nor can I categorize it. But, I can't put it away. I will keep you posted on what it decides is its next step. I feel it calling me to do some decorative stitching and get on to quilting it.  :)

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