Friday, September 3, 2010

Using Free Motion Quilting and Water Soluble Stabilizer to create Art Quilt elements

My recently completed piece, Center, allowed me to experiment with a technique I first read about in an article in Quilting Daily by Liz Bolton. She was  creating an embroidery piece using water soluble stabilizer. For Center, I wanted to create an embellishment to go on the knit background. Liz's suggestions worked extremely well.

I need to purchase some Avalon Wash Away Adhesive Stabilizer and some Stabilize It by Amazing Designs. After taping the Adhesive Stabilizer to a work table, I added the fibers that I wanted use in Center in the design form I wished.
Adhesive taped to table
Fiber added to adhesive
I then covered the design with the Stabilize It and stitched over the fibers using free motion quilting to create a unified element.
Fibers with lightweight covering and then stitched over with free motion quilting

Next I cut out the element, immersed it in water to disolve the stabilier  and then let the element dry.
Cut Out Design
Dissolving stabilizer in water
It was then ready to add to my art quilt.

Finished element ready to add to art quilt

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