Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A New Art Quilt Show by Pat Pauly

I made a major effort yesterday to go see a new solo exhibition,  “Sum of the Parts: Art Quilts of Pat Pauly,” at the Nazareth College Arts Center Gallery in Rochester, New York. Pat is an active member of our local quilt guilt, the Genesee Valley Quilt Club, and I always enjoy viewing her work.  The exhibit is supposed to be open from 1-8 pm until August 14. , 2011. Unfortunately, I tried to see the exhibit on 4th of July weekend, since I was in town, and when I got to the gallery there was a note posted that the gallery wouldn't open till 2 pm on that day. I went off to run some errands and returned at 2 pm but it was still closed and no one had shown by 2:15 pm, so I had to depart. (Checking the gallery web cam later in the afternoon, it was finally open.)

I will go back later in the month and hope that many of you can visit also. Pat's work is just fascinating to take in. She works predominantly in large format, but the detail in the individual sections is just exquisite. I am really limited in what I can share, due to photographing through the glass walls, but you can get a sense of the pieces from these few photos. It should whet your taste to go see in person.  One thing that I loved, even from the outside, is that the gallery walls are a variety of pastels and the art quilts were hung to really take advantage of the varying hues of backdrop.

And, in case you want to check out that webcam, or call ahead to make sure someone is there, here is some contact information:

phone: 585 389 5073
address: Nazareth College, 4245 East Avenue, Rochester, New York

Hope you can make it. Pat's work is really worth seeing!


  1. I always enjoy stopping by. You visit so many wonderful exhibits. Thanks for sharing Judy!

  2. Thanks, Chris. It is always fun finding new galleries and exhibits but really special when I see something close to home and by someone I know!

  3. Thanks for the nice write-up. And you will enjoy it even more when there is no glass between you and the work. How unfortunate! Hope that never happens again. But it is summer, and the staff are mostly students! Worth the second try.