Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Perfect Gift at Argentum Aurum

I am in Spokane for a few days before traveling over to Missoula for a marathon on next Sunday. Today I was able to visit a few of my favorite shops including Argentum Aurum - a jewelry store in downtown Spokane which I wrote about last October.
Argentum Aurum is located at 524 West Main in downtown Spokane.
 The store features the work of master metalsmith Debra Brehren.
Debra Brehren
I really have a deep appreciation of Debra's work and this time I found the perfect gift for my daughter, Jaye, who completed her first Ironman Triathalon two weeks ago - an image of cyclist. Cycling was the sport that Jaye called 'her unknown frontier' as it was the sport in which she had the least experience a year ago when she signed up for the Coeur d'alene Ironman a full year ago.

The cyclist that I found was the latest piece in Debra's work. She also had a runner and shared that she is currently working on a swimmer - perfect gifts for any triathlete that you know!

Here is a photo of Jaye's modeling the necklace and a close up of Debra's work.

If you would like to see my current personal favorite in Debra's work, check out this page on her website with her Vibrant Water collection. I love the stream with the mountain in the background.  Hope you can visit her store sometime, or at least, browse through the gallery on her website. It will be an uplifting moment in your day.

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  1. That is a cool, and oh so appropriate gift for Jaye. I'm so impressed that you run marathons, and she's done a triathlon!