Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Piece is Growing

I am finally back to creating in fiber. After so many weeks of travel, re-organization, and miscellaneous non-fiber activities, I am turning one of my sketches into an art quilt.

Here is an early version of the sketch:

I had Staples blow up some more developed versions. What I found interesting in this process was that I found I gravitated to the larger size for the piece. I have had a number of people encouraging me to 'go larger' in some of my work. And, I could feel resistance on my part. I've concluded that the move to larger size pieces will come as my comfort level grows with handling the larger sizes.

Having decided upon a size for the finished piece, I started playing with fabrics. I knew I wanted to use gradations in the piece. Here were some of my preliminary gatherings.

And, I began playing with delineating my sketch into an actual piecing diagram.

Looks mysterious, doesn't it? More to come later!


  1. Judy,

    Looks exciting! Can't wait to see it start to take shape. Love your colors.


  2. Oh my! It really is going to be big, isn't it?! Brave woman!

  3. It looks like it is about 43"x37" at the moment. I am making progress.